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Blind Spots: We Want to Do Better

When we chose the name for this blog, we had a vague idea that we wanted to offer guidance, companionship, and signposts for others who have struggled as we have. Hair and discovery of self is a journey that can be both practical and spiritual, and the image that came into our heads was that of the locals who help mountain climbers summit Mount Everest.

These locals have a very specific identity. The Sherpa are not some concept of generic mountain “guides,” they are an ancient ethnic community of around 150,000 people who live in the shadow of Mount Everest. Members of this community risk their lives to provide expertise to travelers looking for their own brand of enlightenment and challenge on the world’s highest mountain.

We don’t want to diminish these people or appropriate something that doesn’t belong to us. For this reason, we’re changing our name. Note that the URL of this site will be changing, and we’ll redirect for a period of time.

Before we do that, however, we wanted to be transparent about our thought process, acknowledge our blind spots, and apologize for insensitivity. We want this to be a blog of inclusivity and exploration of identity in all its forms. To do that, we have to listen, be aware of our areas of privilege, and adjust.

More soon, and thanks so much for joining in our journey, which is very much a human one.

–Meredith and Laura